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Avatar: The Last Airbender & Legend of Korra

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Considering that in a few weeks we’ll be getting a soundtrack release for Legend of Korra, I decided to go through Brian Kotzienko’s Tumblr and make a few covers for the impending release. The first cover is indeed the same from the art book (also to be released), but Kotzienko was gracious enough to give us a version without any text. The second was a fanart that he posted that screamed the setting of Republic City.

I also noticed Kotzienko’s little sketch and decided to make that for the bootleg that is lurking around the internet.

March of the Giants / Shingeki no Kyojin



First person to say that the real name of the show is “Attack on Titan” gets to watch as all their loved ones are devoured by oddly proportioned giants.

Company of Heroes 2

folderIn preparation for the album’s release tomorrow, I cooked this up. I feel that this cover overall fits the tone and atmosphere of the game much better than having the commander with his back turned against the audience, looking defiant in the distance. Here you can see the weight of the war on his shoulders, with imagery of Soviets fighting and dying in the snow. A much somber picture to be sure, but a better one I think.

Pacific Rim

folderThis is based off of the limited edition IMAX poster that will be handed out at the midnight screening. Honestly, I am half tempted to go see it just so I could get the poster, despite my hatred for 3d movies.

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm

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These are the covers I made for my gamerip album for the game. They follow the same format of my other Blizzard covers – logo, head composer’s name enlarged, the rest are centered and divided with a bullet.

The MATRIX Trilogy

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It all started with Reloaded, oddly enough. I hated the default cover for the complete soundtrack, so I decided to spice it up with something a little bit more interesting (if not downright ambiguous).  After that I decided to do a cover for the other two movies as well.

World War Z


You bet I jumped right on top of this. I saw this poster on DeviantArt and knew I had to use it.

And so I did.


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Okay, yes, by all rights there is no need for a cover. But there is already a sampling of music out for this game. It will still be a very, very long time until we see a proper album.

Man of Steel



Olivier Deriviere Triple Whammy: Alone in the Dark, Of Orcs and Men, Remember Me