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Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

Interview With the Vampire (Recording Sessions / Complete Score)


ARK: Survival Evolved

Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic (Vinphonic Edition)

The Witch

The Monkey King 1 & 2

Tokyo Ghoul

The Witcher Trilogy

folder folder folder folderIn honor of the Wild Hunt’s release, I thought it would be a good idea to create some new covers for the games. The covers for the first two games were one of my first, and I always had the impression there was tons of ways I could have improved. I decided to have a sense of thematic unity for each cover, focusing on Geralt’s wolf medallion.  Assassins of Kings was challenging, as I had to create an interesting background to contrast against the medallion.

Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin


A new “Game of the Year” edition of Dark Souls II came out, and to commemorate the new music that was composed I decided to make a new cover. I decided to not use the art of the Forlorn art that have been used in posters because, while the  Forlorn act as antagonists and are connected to the new story, they are not THE antagonist. I felt Vendrick holding his crown was much more iconic and more thematically linked to the expansion’s arc.