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    A Short View on “RPGs”

    A Short View on “RPGs”

    It has occurred to me that a quick counterargument on my philosophy that no videogame RPGs deserve the right to be called such is that “well, in all games you play a role, so every videogame is an RPG!”

    In which I would like to respond, if that is the case…

    …then all games are action games, because all games have you perform an action to various degrees.

    …then many games are puzzle games, because many games have puzzles or elements of them, such as the God of War series.

    …then any game that is played from the first person perspective has to be called a first-person something, regardless of any other element.

    …then practically every game ever has to be called a strategy game because every game has you undertake some challenge from a strategic or tactical point of view.

    As such, I would like to affirm that RPGs can be called such just because they stats. Because EVERY game had stats, and not even tabletop RPGs had the honor of coming up with the idea. That would be tabletop wargames such as Chainmail. The one thing that RPGs did have claim to were choices and consequences within a collaborative narrative – and very few video games, RPGs or otherwise, can be said to have as such. Only The Witcher series are the only RPG games that actually have meaningful choice and consequence. Outside of RPGs, the only game that comes to my mind is the original Deus Ex.

    So, I assert my opinion that 99% of “RPGs” should only be called strategy or action games. To call them RPGs would be erroneous.

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