Remember Me (2013)
Remember Me Cover

Remember Me (2013) Composed by Olivier Derivere Released by Capcom Purchase at: Set in a near futuristic cyberpunk-laden Paris and inspired by the prevalence of social media sites, Remember Me is a game that has caught the gaming public’s attention since it was revealed in Gamescom 2012. Remember Me immediately caught the imagination of gamers – from the beautiful art style, the unique setting of Neo-Paris, and the underdog status of the developers Dontnod. Since the beginning the developer had difficulty selling the game to publishers, as the protagonist Niln was female as well as non-white. Many publishers wanted Dontnod to change Nillin to a male for higher marketability. Eventually Remember Me found a home in Capcom. To compose the music for the game Dontnod went with fellow Frenchman Olivier Derivere, who is best known as the composer for the 2008 reboot/sequel Alone in the Dark, as well as Obscure 1 and 2. Ever since Alone in the Dark, Derivere had incorporated the talents of a major musical group when recording his score. With Alone in the Dark (2008), The Mystery of Bulgarian Voices. For Of Orcs and Men (2011), he made use of The Boston Cello Quartet. For Remember Me Derivere turned to The Philharmonia Orchestra. Additionally, and this is definitely the most defining aspect of the score, Deriviere programmed “glitches” into the music. It would be erroneous to call what Derivere has created as emulating corrupted music files – corrupted music will create just outright static, which is […]